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About Me

Hi! This is Honey Chan!

 Personal Trainer | 私人健身教練

When I first set out on my adventure regarding fitness, I was anything but the picture of health. I had been drastically overweight, and suffered from intense lower back pain for years. I then realised it was mainly due to my excessive consumption of fast food and drinking wine on a regular basis. All this white sitting still all day. I decided to do something about it. First, I tried a variety of Yoga classes and eventually became a yoga instructor, and since then falling in love with yoga. However, my physique didn’t showcase an impressive change and my lower back pain relapsed from time to time. The more I worked with clients in the yoga business, the more I realised building stronger muscles is the key for body transformation and allowing myself to be free from body aches. Since then, I have been dedicated to understanding the most effective and efficient way to increase strength, muscle mass and decreasing body fat, through intense training and nutrition.

This journey began when I went through a transformation myself and initially started coaching family and friends for fun and gradually shifted my career path from a yoga instructor to a personal trainer. This career path was an obvious choice for me as I have the natural ability to coach and motivate people to understand and trust my methods to achieve their ultimate goals. 

HKNBF 2021
Sport Model Overall Champion

Also, as a natural bikini competitor, I know exactly what it means to push the body to the extreme, experience cravings, feeling stuffed and struggling both physically and mentally when undergoing a body transformation, and this is why I understand my clients. This enables me to empathise with them when things get tough. 

You may not want to go to the extreme as me, but I believe there’s a desire to change your life deep in your soul. I’m very passionate about helping others to see and experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work. 

I am also a cooking enthusiast and I get tremendous joy in helping you make healthier food choices and showing you a variety of nutritious and delicious meals you can prepare in a few minutes. This makes your meal prep work easier. 

If you are interested in getting started, you can shoot me DM on Instagram or email. Yes, it takes motivation, determination, and consistency to succeed. By walking with me, you’ll not only look good but also feel better, happier, and more confident. All you have to do is take that first step on the journey to your new life.


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Hi 大家好!我是陳杏瑜,日間為一位普通Office lady,亦是為一名Freelance 健身教練。當初接觸運動時,只想減掉厚厚的脂肪及改善困擾了多年的下背痛問題。經歷過無數次坊間所說的蘋果餐、消脂茶、戒澱粉Keto減肥法法、仍然無法解決問題,「肥婆」、「你好大份」仍不絕於耳。長期久坐辦公室但只是偶爾一個星期跑1-2次步,開Youtube 做HIIT,並不足夠。另外,加上有下背痛的問題,在機緣巧合下,接觸了瑜伽這項運動,隨後愛上瑜伽並在2015年時當上瑜伽導師及頌砵聲頻治療師,與同路人分享瑜伽為身心靈帶來的益處。隨著瑜伽教學經驗增加,越意識到強壯及平衡的肌肉力量是徹底解決身體痛症、提升運動表現的根本!增加肌肉量亦是增加身體基礎代謝率,幫助塑造理想身形的核心。





是的,這個塑造理想身型的旅程一點也不簡單,亦很艱辛,因為要轉變的不只是生活模式,亦是需要轉變你的生活態度。但有我陪伴著你走這段路,你不單只能轉變身形,更會因為成功改變自己而感到開心、自信。 如果你想踏出第一步改變自己,立即到Instagram DM或者emailhoneycfit@gmail.com

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  • Bachelor of Marketing and Public Relationships, PolyU | 市場營銷及公共關係學士
  • Yoga Instructor | 註冊瑜伽導師 (HKYA-ACI® RYT-200)
  • Certified Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapist 200 | 頌砵聲頻治療師
  • 4D Pro® Bungee Fitness Certified Trainer
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer | NASM 註冊私人健身教練

  • 2021 Hong Kong Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness – Sport Model Open Overall champion 香港自然健美大賽 - 健美小姐全場總冠軍
  • 2021 Hong Kong Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness – Ms. Bikini Open 2nd place 香港自然健美大賽 - 女子比堅尼公開組 第二名
  • 2021 Global Classic M Program Championship – Ms.Booty Bikini Open 3rd place 美臀小姐公開組第三名
  • 2020 Global Classic M Program Cup Hong – Ms.Booty Bikini Open 5th place 美臀小姐公開組 第五名
  • 2020 Global Classic M Program Cup Hong Kong – Ms.Bikini Open 5th place 美臀小姐公開組 第五名
  • 2020 Global Classic M Program Cup Hong Kong – Ms bikini novice class 女子比堅尼新秀 4th place 第四名